Ardha Chandrasana with heart opener

Courage to be me!   Encourage you to be you!

This week I’ve been practicing courage on the mat and as a teacher.  The word courage comes from the Latin cor and the French coeur which means HEART!

In the yogic tradition, the heart centre anahata chakra is where we find balance between our life purpose and our embodied nature rooted in our individual needs, desires and innate capacities.  It is where we acknowledge vulnerability in ourselves and strive to CONNECT with others on that basis!  Opening the heart is being courageous enough to be you, right now, just as you are.

As a new teacher I’m still working on holding sacred space, finding my authentic voice, and guiding others.  For me, this means finding the COURAGE to go beyond the asana, to realize teaching moments where I can en’courage’ others towards their highest selves.  Beyond the mat and into the world!

Try this heart-opening sequence and let me know what came up for you!


Sitting meditation and set intention to connect to what you love about yourself

Sitting side stretches- hips up heart open (2x)

Cat-Cow (4x)- Downdog-step fwd and roll up Tadasana


Ardhva hastasana with back bend- Uttanasana

Anjaneyasana- Ardha hanumanasana   (2x)


Dogsplit- Runner’s lunge- Side plank with back bend- Hip joint mandala

Balasana- step fwd – Goddess pose with Gomukhasana arms, fold forward

Prasarita paddotanasana (come fwd to balls of feet, courage!)- Downdog


Cat- cow /with tiger tail


Dogsplit- Standing split- Utkatasana-twist open arms

Trikonasana- Half moon (float onto/past fingers- courage!)


Locust A, B

Dhanurasana- Parsva dhanurasana


Dog split- Standing split- Utkatasana- twist open arms

Lunge twist- drop knee Anjaneyasana- quad stretch

Ardha hanumanasana with twist- Downdog

Half moon with backbend

Tadasana for 5 breaths



Double pigeon


Supta knee to chest- knee to armpit

Jathara twists- Happy baby


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