Mustasa Salad

In the Philippines, there isn’t really a culture of salad.  Friends sometimes joke that the only salads here are fruit and macaroni!  However, I have been making a salad with mustard greens on a weekly basis for a while now.

It’s easy to grow in the garden, even in the lowlands of Manila!  But if I don’t have any in the backyard, I go to the Kamuning Market and pick out the smallest, freshest leaves.   And mix it together with avocado, snap peas, bell peppers, singkamas, tomatoes, cucumber or whatever else I have on hand.  Then I mix with an oil, calamansi and honey dressing.  The key really is to mix well-  use your hand and massage the oil into the greens to cut the ‘wasabi’ effect.  Its a spicy green but with a good oil like virgin coconut oil or olive oil, it softens to just the right kick.

Sometimes, I use bicol express (a specialty condiment made with shrimp paste, coconut milk and spicy chilies).  Or try it with mangoes for a little sweetness.


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